When we go out with our friends, finding a way to eliminate the worry of being separated, wanting to know where they are and how they are doing when alcohol is involved has been a challenge.

What it does

Keep your phone close and your friends closer. Array allows you to create a group, quickly check in and send alerts on your status while you're out and about.

How we built it

We used Visual Studio to develop a back end code in C++ with vectors. We attempted to integrate it with Android Studio. Additionally, we used arduino, adafruit, bluefruit with digital and analog devices that could be integrated for future connected bracelet technology.

Challenges we ran into

We were unable to complete an integration between our program with both Android Studio and Visual Studio.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We survived the 24 hours of coding, never gave up on our project, we were able to create profiles and update statuses. We also connected a bluetooth adafruit to iOS and Android.

What we learned

Coding is a challenge and app development is difficult. Bluetooth technology is also more complicated than anticipated.

What's next for Array

Furthering development of the interface and integrating the map technology for GPS location feature.

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