According to a study recently, I found that one third of home buyers have made offer on properties sight-unseen, when doing these kinds of deals, buyers’ level of comfort is diminished due to their inability to view the property physically. A personal story is one of My uncle who bought a property while he was far-away to the place. He loved the house because they showed him the pictures and he fell for it. Quite unfortunate, the property was a bit far to what he expected. This has been a long thought in me even before the advent of Augmented Reality.

Similarly, overseas buyers and sellers can now experience a property through AR/VR without having to travel physically to the location, which costs less time and money. This gave me so much inspiration when I attended the Facebook Build Day and SparkAR is one of the tool mentioned. Many see it as a tool for creating fun-like apps but I see it a great tool for expressing idea and creating solutions.

What it does

ARProperty allow potential property buyers to have 3D visuals of desire properties before they buy for proper decision making. It will allow potential buyers to search for properties and filter to their desire while allowing them to have a home touring from bedroom to living room giving clear visuals and better decision making. Also, buyers can compare properties, view prices, contact property sellers and view more information on sellers website.

How we built it

Prior to the time we had our Facebook Build Day in Ibadan, Nigeria. We have been exploring the possibilities of SParkAR as augmented and virtual reality developers. this gave us the mindset to use SParkAR and React for this project and hoping to explore more features like it's Networking module, Livestreaming and ability to fetch API.

Challenges we ran into

I and my colleague are not too good using react. we had to start learning it for the sake of this project. Its a bit challenging tho, but we keeping track of it because it worths it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This hackathon pushed us to exploring long time idea. I see SparkAR as a very great tool with ease of use. Even though the project is still at a nascent stage, I am happy the idea is coming real and its such a big achievement with the believe to be among Pioneers that will use SparkAR to build products at both consumer and enterprise level.

What we learned

What's next for ARProperty

We are currently on a proof of concept and will continue to build the product to a ready for launch stage and go on to market. Also, we are trying to explore more features and capabilities of SparkAR which will also be implemented as we learn.

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