One of our teammates thoroughly enjoyed an epic scene of an anime the other day online, but was alone in his room and had nobody he could share his excitement with! The next day he saw an anime that completely confused him, but he wasn't sure if he was the only one feeling that way. Instead of going through the trouble of typing on a forum or reddit and waiting for responses, wouldn't it have been great if he could instantly view others' reactions to video playback as it happens?

Arph allows the user to view the polled emotional responses of others at any point in the video. If something amazing happens, you can expect to see a spike in "surprised" and "happy" responses. If somebody important dies, you can bet to see a surge of "sad" flooding across the app. Since the responses are displayed in time with the video where the responses were polled, you can get a good snapshot of what viewers are feeling on the whole during any part of the viewing experience. Furthermore, the more verbose viewer can easily engage in a forum that is similarly organized by post time in playback. If you want to talk about how awesome that scene is, just post whenever the scene happens and you can expect to find a host of others commenting on that exact point in the video.

Networks, studios, and other media agents can also use the data export function to get the aggregate quantification of these poll responses and use them to analyze viewer reactions for their online content beyond raw view count, and like/dislike.

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