Decentralize the music industry - building a smart contract application that disrupt the world of music...

Video Demo:

Song’s copyright representation
Hosting: IPFS
Smart Contract: Solidity
FrontEnd Smart Contract: Web3.js
FrontEnd: HTML/Javascript/css
Frameworks: Truffle, OpenZeppelin
Sign Contracts: Metamask

Follow the steps below to download, install, and run this project.


Install these prerequisites.

Step 1. Clone the project

git clone

Step 2. Install dependencies

$ cd CryptoArpeggio
$ npm install

Step 3. Start Ganache

Open the Ganache GUI client that you downloaded and installed. This will start your local blockchain instance.

Step 4. Compile & Deploy CryptoArpeggio Smart Contract

$ truffle migrate --reset You must migrate the CryptoArpeggio smart contract each time your restart ganache.

Step 5. Configure Metamask

  • Unlock Metamask
  • Connect metamask to your local Etherum blockchain provided by Ganache.
  • Import an account provided by ganache.

Step 5. Run the Front End Application

$ npm run dev Visit this URL in your browser: http://localhost:3000

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