Arpeggio is a music composition software that collaborates with you in virtual reality to compose quality music at the speed it takes to play it. It is natural, spontaneous, and amazingly easy to use. The software generates notes and rhythms via an algorithm we developed and coded FROM SCRATCH. The user plays those notes on his instrument, and edits them simply by playing a different note. The computer responds intelligently to the change by not only changing the note, but all consecutive notes.

To visualize this, we built an Oculus Rift environment FROM SCRATCH consisting of a music stand in the middle of a desert night. As the music is composed, the changes show up dynamically on the music stand.

We used a Myo to implement various user functions such as deletion and addition of chord structures and music revision.

With Arpeggio, anyone with an instrument can compose music quickly and at a higher quality than they could on their own.

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