We are all native to countries outside the UK and often search for places to visit or consider moving to. However, we have found that current tools do not give us a good overview of a specific location.

What it does

Presents points of interest (e.g. food, social areas, etc.) near a selected area, crime statistics, weather data, broadband connection speed, etc. Allows the user to select the place they want to search for.

How we built it

JavaScript, CSS, HTML, JSON, NodeJS

Challenges we ran into

Finding APIs that would provide us with free data.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Encompassing lots of different APIs into a usable, easy to read dashboard.

What we learned

APIs can be expensive!

What's next for AroundME

We hope to continue developing the product and introduce new information areas that would be of benefit. This includes creating different pre-set profiles that would auto select a range of points of interest to be displayed.

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