Going for a walk is one of the best ways to get some fresh way and reconnect with the world around you, but with a social pandemic going around we thought why not give each user unique routes protecting them and allowing them to see more of their neighborhood.

What it does

Around Me creates personalized routes for you to explore your community all while making sure that no two users get pointed on the same path or destination. With Around Me you can achieve your target walking distance, visit places in your community, and distance yourself from others all at once.

How I built it

we built this app using the Twilio API for our SMS powered front end and flask as our backend that connects the text messages information to the google directions, maps, and places API to return clean directions to and from your destination. In addition, by implementing MongoDB we were able to store routes that were currently being used and re-route others accordingly.

Challenges I ran into

   - Setting up the flask backend
   - Receiving the messages from the Twilio API 
   - Working as a team over calls and collaborating on the same file at once 

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

   - Making a working app
   - Learning how to all use one language 
   - Learning how to collaborate over git

What's next for AroundMe

adding a picture that helps to show

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