What if you could bring your textbook to life? With the rise of technology - we finally can. solAR was created to help spike the interest of space in young adults by started in the classroom. solAR is an initiative... and a journey

What it does

This app when projected on thin air, illustrates the presence of the Solar system, outer space particles. You can also see speed of revolution of planets and travel in a rocket to the outer space.

How we built it

ARKit and Scenekit on Xcode platform with Objective-C as programming language.

Challenges we ran into

While making planets wasn't hard, creating particles and visualizing planets motion required most of the caffeine.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learning how to transition from Swift to Objective-C and back. Meddling with AR, contemplating benefits of AR vs. VR Finally understanding the importance of Cocoapods in iOS development (who knew it was like npm and pip?)

What's next for solAR

We would like to add dynamic dropdown menus that respond to touch, in addition to Amazon Polly for a full integrated classroom experience.

Built With

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