When searching for flights recently Victor discovered that flight comparison websites don't always give the best deal, so he set out to build his own solution from scratch, optimising the solution for his friends and family in mind. He joined with Kieran and Freddie and used this idea to create a travel planner for the budget wise.

What it does

The primary role of the app is to be a tool for planning future trips, allowing the user to collate all the planning into a single app. It extends this functionality by making the use of flight search API's, allowing the user to quickly evaluate which destinations are in their budget.

How we built it

Victors flight comparison API is powered by a web server running Go, this uses parallel computing to efficiently search the web for cheap flights. This communicates with the front-end using Node.js cloud functions running on Google Cloud's Firebase. The Firebase also provides the front-end access to the Skyscanner's API, giving the user the choice of which API they use. Finally, this is all brought together through the front-end which is powered by vue.js.

Challenges we ran into

Our project was ambitious even for the time frame, and we ran into many challenges on the way. Every member of the team was using a new technology; which meant that we were all lacking experience! The main stretch of challenges occurred during the final hours as we tried to plug all of our parts together and come across some horrid errors.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we thought we could get so much done. In hindsight getting somewhat near our original vision is still an achievement!

What we learnt

Set lower goals!

What's next for 80Days

We thoroughly enjoyed working on this project and we think we've barely scratched the surface on potential features. Other notable features we plan to include in the future is social functionality for planning trips with friends, as well as being able to save plans, and easily access the website on mobile. In addition to this, we will be looking at ways to improve the efficiency of Victor's API, and expanding it to more airlines.

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