Have you ever been on a ferris wheel and wondering what each building in your sight is? Have you ever ran into a super cool event when traveling but you just can't figure out what it is about because every piece of information is written in French? Have you ever seen a beautiful architecture on your uber ride in a foreign country and just can't locate it on google map? Have you ever been to engineering building in UPenn and hope from the bottom of your heart that someone from last year's Pennapps has left some notes on the wall telling you where is a good place to take a nap? We have, so we designed ARound to solve all these above.

What it does

ARound provide a brand new experience exploring the world taking advantages of AR technology. Its fundamental function is telling you what's the name of each building in your sight and the real-time distance from it. And if you're interested, with a simple click, you'll be provided basic informations about the building provided by others who have been there. Furthermore, if you want to see events in this building recently, just swipe left.

How we built it

We develop ARound with ARkit, CoreLocation and MapKit so that we can link the object in AR world to its GPS coordinate. Besides, because CoreLocation provides a low accuracy of GPS location with a maximum of 100 meters difference, we use another library named ARCL to increase accuracy and better link AR and GPS data.

Challenges we ran into

This is the first time for all team members to develop an application using Swift and ARKit. It took us quite a while to get the gists of them.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

We learned swift and ARkit

What's next for ARound

With the functions of ARound and support of multiple major languages (soon to be developed), we expect ARound to be a strong aid for tourists. Additionally, we're open to accepting official comments from enterprise operators and event organizers to give more accurate information about buildings/events on the app and also potential to run advertisements.

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