For first-time travelers coming into big cities or countries for business or other purposes, deciding where to stay is a difficult and sometimes stressful choice. They may check online for different hotel options, but even with 360-degree views of the rooms, they can't get the authentic experience.

What it does

We are building an AR application, which enables a user to enter any room in a 3D space and actually navigate inside of it.By doing so, they can participate in a first-hand experience to help them decide the best hotel for themselves. Sitting at home, they can get an in-the-moment visual of all hotel rooms. Therefore, it becomes easier to decide rooms of their choice. We also plan to implement the instant addition of new room items catered toward the user's preferences for a more personal and comfortable trip.

How we built it

The project utilizes Amadeus's Hotel Information API to analyze the hotels in a particular area. We also used Google AR Core and Unity 3D to build our AR product. The rest of our Android Product was built using Java and Android Studio.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge has been getting 3D footage of a room without a 3D camera because even conversion of such a footage to a 3D model is a difficult task.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to deploy our 3D model and actually interact inside the room rather than simply looking at a room., providing a simple but compact solution.

What we learned

Learning to work collectively in a team despite of the cultural differences is something we learnt really quickly. Effective communication is super important when designing any project. To avoid lack of clarity and build up of arguments, it is very important to listen to everyone carefully, before putting up your arguments.

What's next for ARound

As discussed earlier, we would like to make the 360 footage of the hotel rooms into models for our AR app in a more optimized and cost effective manner. We also think the application can include Point of Interests as well such as wedding halls, restaurants, therefore we can use Amadeus API for these experiences as well.

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