AROS - distributed possibilities Augmented reality, when you blend the physical and digital world,  has a projected market size of 150 Billion Dollars by 2020. The leading drivers for this projection are full immersion devices     like Holosens or the meta

At their current price points, these devices are still targeted at the higher end of the market Even harder to find than these devices, is the content  The Content required from Augmented Reality very unique      To load a single model you need to build a full app,      built with its own AR possessor and provisioning profiles. AROS shows how to open up the emerging market and make it more accessible to developers by using current technology

AROS is complete with its own file processing service, AR processor and provisioning profiles. Allowing you access any file and load it Augmented Realty. ————— DEMO     — I am now an architect with William,  he has completed the house model and wants me to review it for approval.         previously he would have needed to build a physical model, costing both of u money and time.     — All I have to do is copy the link,  Past the link, and press start.     — AROS Then pulls the model from online, then converts it to AR content.      ————— With AROS,  Designers and developers can produce AR content without jumping through any of the rigorous hoops. For Consumers, this means that they only have to install ONE small app and can consume any file in Augmented Reality. AROS - distributed possibilities

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