trying to find experiences off the beaten path while travelling, and sharing stories about the hometowns we know best

What it does

  • article posting functionality for cities, with tags + images
  • search functionality for cities and all posts associated with them
  • created a responsive, self-styled front-end with minimal use of visual react libraries

How we built it

  • MERN: react + express + mongodb + node
  • learned how to launch server, parse requests, structures in a database for backend
  • learned & implemented react integration with express + mongoDB

Challenges we ran into

  • learning how to integrate react with express
  • dealing with js's asynchronysity
  • finding the right database structures for our data

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • creating our first full-stack project
  • learning react and express.js

What's next for aroma

  • favorite certain posts
  • anonymous sorting system based on favorites
  • tag filter functionality
  • customizable, user-styled city pages (ala subreddits)
  • extensive search functionality
  • secure user system
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