The game called 'Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes' :)

What it does

As we explain in the video subtitle, you saw the rocket and the bomb. And click the manual to find the password. By uing that password you can fly that rocket up!

How I built it

We had an amazing jam one day ago. We built this game/filter in 48 hours :) So if you like the game idea we can upgrade the game(because not looking so good (: ).

Challenges I ran into

It was a jam so a challenge by himself :)

What I learned

We liked the SparkAR IDE for sure. If it will be upgraded a little, we would like to develop games with SparkAR :)

What's next for ARocketX

The effects will be better ofcourse, more particle system, better models :)

We did the models better, effects better and puzzles better. I hope you enjoy!

Built With

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