An increasing number of crime against women has planted seeds of fear in the minds of Indian people. These fears ultimately result in the imposition of deadlines and strict rules which every woman has to comply with, willingly or unwillingly. Instead of bringing confidence in a young woman, these rules gradually turn them into meek beings incapable of facing the outside world. To alleviate fears of family members and to help a woman move around with confidence we have tried to build a app for women safety to protect them from any attacks whenever and wherever they are needed. Our app is built for the protecting the women from the crime .Many apps are built for women safety .It does the same thing but we have some extra feature for the women safety so that we can have minimum number of crime rates against women and can provide safety to them.It have two features one to register as a user and other to register as volunteer and user.The volunteer are those who are interested in women safety they can come together and contribute a hand in women safety having an oath that they will protect them like their sisters and mothers.Whenever women will be in danger the women has to shake the phone which on shaking will produce an alarm and will send the message to nearby volunteers informing them that women is in danger , so that they can come to rescue as fast as possible.The volunteer can be social or common people or street workers. We have built this app with android studio using geo locations api ,bluetooth and python programming.We also have insert a siren technology so that it can be activated whenever a women is in danger.Python tensorflows and several other libraries like sklearn is used to build this app. We have also validate the pages using javascript .We have also provide a option to provide a best alternative path to reach their destination especially in night according to positive reviews of the users which will be the safest way to reach their home in the maximum number of volunteers present to ensure their safety as the user will be only women so it will not be misguided by anyone. Challenges we ran are several especially providing for the safest path according to the review of users.Then the bluetooth technology with which our app can also be connected and work on .As our main focus was to ensure the women safety so we have tried to built the app safe and secure in each and every possible way by overcoming the issues that other apps have especially for reaching of the women safety by volunteers. The accomplishment that we are proud of is that we have tried our best to make this app best in every possible way for the women safety .But the greatest accomplishment will only when every women will be able to save from the crimes with the help of this app. We have learned various new technologies while building it and come across gaining a new experience of building it and learned something new while developing it each and every module.

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