We came into this hackathon with the idea of creating a plant renting service that would allow users to physically swap plants with others. However, we then remembered that there is a pandemic and physical services aren't ideal right now. So we pivoted and decided to turn everything virtual and gamify it!

What it does

In this web app, you can collect different plants which have various rarities by rolling the gacha wheel for them. Once you roll for and collect the plants, you can then showcase them on your homepage where all can see them. Share your homepage with your friends and you can even make it your zoom background!

How we built it

We utilized React on the front end with Express/Node on the server side with Firestore as our database and Firebase Auth as our login/registration system.

Challenges we ran into

Time constraints proved to be an issue as it was hard to create enough time to fully flesh out features and how bonuses we wanted to hit.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Coming up with the idea.

What we learned

Better plan out time for a virtual hackathon.

What's next for Arnoldii

Develop its core functionality.

Built With

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