You hear “Where is/are” anywhere. We have a lot of applications like Google map. However, you sometimes cannot find what you are looking for because these applications are most often show in 2D mainly. Furthemore, it is annoying to use only 2D information because you have to look for an application and real world back and forth. So, we resolve this problem by using this new AR Navigation System which guides you to where you are looking for by following arrows which show in both of 2D and 3D.

What it does

The system to guide you from a specific place to some goals following arrows which show after recognizing a specific map image. It supposes to guide for sightseeing. This time, we provide a system for sightseeing in Tokyo Asakusa, which is most popular spot in Japan!

How I built it

Sumerian, Amazon Polly, AR Core

Challenges I ran into

How to make hosts speak, how to recognize a specific image smoothly, and how to draw arrows to guide in 3D world and for a long distance!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

By using image recognition, we achieved to draw arrows to guide you from where you are to your goal.

What I learned

What we learned are how to make AR application using Sumerian, how to recognize a specific image, how to make hosts speak, how to show/hide entities, how to show arrows to guide, and the importance to adjust height and angle information when you recognize a image.

What's next for ARNavigationSystem

We are going to include other AWS services like Lambda, Dynamo DB and Lex etc., to be able to draw arrows dynamically and get more usability for example dialogue.

Built With

  • amazon-polly
  • sumerian
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