We wanted to bring financial literacy into being a part of your everyday life while also bringing in futuristic applications such as augmented reality to really motivate people into learning about finance and business every day. We were looking at a fintech solution that didn't look towards enabling financial information to only bankers or the investment community but also to the young and curious who can learn in an interesting way based on the products they use everyday.

What it does

Our mobile app looks at company logos, identifies the company and grabs the financial information, recent company news and company financial statements of the company and displays the data in an Augmented Reality dashboard. Furthermore, we allow speech recognition to better help those unfamiliar with financial jargon to better save and invest.

How we built it

Built using wikitude SDK that can handle Augmented Reality for mobile applications and uses a mix of Financial data apis with Highcharts and other charting/data visualization libraries for the dashboard.

Challenges we ran into

Augmented reality is very hard, especially when combined with image recognition. There were many workarounds and long delays spent debugging near-unknown issues. Moreover, we were building using Android, something that none of us had prior experience with which made it harder.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Circumventing challenges as a professional team and maintaining a strong team atmosphere no matter what to bring something that we believe is truly cool and fun-to-use.

What we learned

Lots of things about Augmented Reality, graphics and Android mobile app development.

What's next for ARnance

Potential to build in more charts, financials and better speech/chatbot abilities into out application. There is also a direction to be more interactive with using hands to play around with our dashboard once we figure that part out.

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posted an update

Would like to express thanks and congrats for all the work from my team! We won Best Fintech Hack at Hack Western 3 and would like to express thanks to all the volunteers, sponsors and organizers for hosting and helping us! Truly been a great learning experience.

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