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A murder mystery game made using ReactNative, ReactViro and firebase. The game is multiplayer, playable on your phone and uses AR. You may find a live demo here:

About Us

We are year 3 students of NTU passionate about innovative creations and games. This is the first time we explored game development using Augmented Reality (AR).


It's inspired by the idea of having a virtual board game over dinner or get togethers. No more the hassle of bringing a physical board game. We wanted to a game which was easy to follow but also requires the player to think creatively and make a smart move to survive.

Using The app


  1. One player creates a game which generates a unique session ID representing a game room.
  2. Remaining players join the game via the session ID
  3. A physical real world object - paper with a logo is kept in an ideal physical location.
  4. This real world object acts as an anchor for the AR grid's 3D location in the application. For eg. if the anchor (paper with logo) placed at centre of a round table where all the players are seated. The AR grid is placed on the anchor and the plane of the AR grid is exactly equal to the anchor's plane.
  5. All the players are represented on the AR grid as dots on tiles signifying their location.
  6. Each player sees every other player on the AR grid.
  7. The game begins!!

Game rules

  1. Each game has one killer and remaining are victims.
  2. The victims do not know which player is the killer.
  3. The killer can murder a victim only if the victim is within 1 tile in every direction on the AR grid around the killer's location.
  4. The aim of the victim is to figure out who the killer is by observing movement of each player.
  5. If the killer murders all the victims, killer wins.
  6. All the victims vote for who they think the killer might be. If the majority vote is correct, the killer loses.

Game controls

Each player can control their movements by up, down, left and right movements through this website:

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