In a world where younger kids are always on their phones, they naturally gravitate away from museums, and objects of historical significance In order to make museums not only more profitable, but to educate younger generations about history, we want to further engage them by taking advantage of an ever-growing and developing tech industry. AR-zeum seeks to promote museum enthusiasm for younger generations who seem to take less of an interest in museums.

What it does

Our app allows you to use RFID to scan and open an app on your phone, and a unique symbol to display an AR animation.

How we built it

We used C#, Unity, and some APIs to create an application for android.

Challenges we ran into

First, some problems we encountered. The only other time we tried game development was a 2-D stick figure game, so a big challenge was the learning curve from back end and web development to game/ mobile app development. The RFID was extremely difficult to get around. We tried many alternatives from XCode to Android Studio and deep linking, before finally discovering the capabilities of RFID and NFC and using them to their full potential. The scripting was also new to us. We are all mainly Python programmers, so the transition to C# for some of us was hard. The learning curve was also quite large. C# had some different philosophies about programming and once again the integration with game development software didn’t help that learning curve. Using stickers to identify which animation to play was also something new to us. We had never worked with image recognition before but thankfully we were able to figure it out and make it work with our app. We also learned that it was important to adapt and accept the fact that we have to change our expectations as time goes on and that the vision we had at the beginning can’t be the expected result every time. Overall, we all had a lot of fun making this project, learned a lot of new skills, and worked as a team. I think that the experience we gained from this project will be useful for the future.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

First hackathon with a close-to-complete MVP

What we learned

Game and mobile app dev.

What's next for ARMuseum

Endless possibilities

Built With

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