We found inspiration in other alternative controller games such as Hot Swap. Our team loves emerging AR/VR tech and our goal with this project was to incorporate all of our unique passions and skills.

What it does

Our controller uses swappable handles with sensors to determine which piece of equipment the user currently has equipped.

How we built it

The body of the controller was designed from scratch and 3D printed. Each handle contains LDR sensors connected to an Arduino Nano 33 IoT which sends sensor data to our AR application. The AR app was built using the Unity game engine and runs on the Magic Leap.

Challenges we ran into

It was our team's first time using the Magic Leap, so there was a learning curve there. Additionally, we ran into numerous hardware issues which can be difficult to debug.

What's next for ARmory

While we have shown that ARmory can be used for gaming, we believe a similar controller could have applications in education, sales, etc.

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