Thinking of what to wear, pack, or bring takes up precious time in a day. Armoire takes you into a future that allows you to look into your closet and visualize your next outfits for the day or for your next location whether it be a first date or a trip to an unknown destination that would be helpful to know what to have.

What it does:

The app supports companies that print QR codes onto their garment tag, possibly with the spec sheet information in it, and lets users pull up the garment on the app. If a QR code is not available, users can find a similar item to their garment or accessory by pulling up an item in the search bar from the library, uploading personal images or google search image extension . Users can also sign in with their social media accounts and pull or plug in information of an item they wish to sell. The auction page allows you to post items you want for sale or possibly want to buy. New posts by your friends are also listed and comments from them are under your items post. Comments such as their own recommendation or where to buy it are ideas of social media interaction. The weather section informs you on todays weather to let you pick accordingly. Suggestions include rain boots or an extra jacket. Traveling to another place? Tips on cultural and political events could boost your decision such as honoring the King's death in Thailand by wearing black or yellow when visiting during certain times or knowing to bring extra clothes for India's Holi celebration where you might get your clothes dirty from paint celebration. Also, Augmented Reality lets users try on their clothes or friends clothes before buying them and gives you an even further idea on what to wear next.

How I built it

Currently, its only conceptual because I didn't have the skillsets but I tried to let others visualize my idea as best as possible.

Challenges I ran into

Many, many challenges as I still attempted to code and taught myself how to use adobe programs further as well as understanding AR programs to develop my own filters.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Using the time span given, I was able to start my idea I had after the opening ceremony and diligently work through the night to reach goals and learn new skills. I was also able to meet many new creative minds that motivated me to continue further.

What I learned

Although I am a Fashion Design student and did not learn any of the things I implemented this weekend in my curriculum, I learned them at the Hackathon.

What's next for Armoire

Teaming with a knowledgable person or company in software developing (etc) and cleaning up my idea.

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