Waking up and not knowing what to wear!!! (My everyday struggle)

What it does

Armoire allows your to coordinate your daily outfit with you current mood and the weather by suggesting outfits that may suit you. When you accept the outfit suggestion it removes it from the list so that you get a unique suggestion each and every day.

How we built it

Well first we drank a lot of Starbucks.....I mean a lot of it and then we cracked open our good friend google to figure out how to spell Armoire then you know we used a little CSS, some python, got a little of that bottle action going...and topped it off with a pretty awesome weather API.

Challenges we ran into

Spelling Armoire my god that part wasn't fun lol we didn't run into too many challenges working with the weather API was a little difficult but we pulled it off.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We spelled Armoire correctly. That we we're able to use our own individual skills collectively to solve any issues the group faced and that everything works very smoothly.

What we learned

That people from different disciples can come together and create something that benefits both sides equally....that and spelling....spelling was HUGE!

What's next for Armoire

We want to improve the over all experience by letting you compare your outfit to something Armoire has suggested for one of your friends using Armoire. Also there exist may retail applications that Armoire can be used for like suggesting clothes based on retailers that you frequent or even making suggestions in store for you to try on based off of your own individual style.

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