Minigolf is one of the most fun pastimes among friend groups. It's easy to play, and can be expressed in a wide variety of formats and themes. AR would be the next frontier for the mini-golf scene to expand to, and we hope that ARMinigolf becomes a precursor of mini-golf entrepreneurship.

What it does

A phone's camera is used to scan a surfance and then a ball and field to play mini-golf are drawn. The player can use their finger as the club to hit the ball into the hole.

How we built it

We used ARCore and Sceneform to draw the game objects and play the game.

Challenges we ran into

The documentation and examples for ARCore and Sceneform are quite lacking. As a result, we spent a lot of time with trial-and-error as we could not get a good answer from the documentations. Often times, the code snippets provided in the documentation did not even compile.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We managed to implement collisions and other physics into the games using mathematics that we calculated during the hackathon.

What we learned

It's important that when you choose an API, you not only choose the one that's best for the job, but also the one that's pleasant to use.

What's next for ARMinigolf

In the future, we'd like to implement a terrain system, such as water, sand, grass, etc. to further mimic both golf and mini golf. Additionally, we'd like to create models for different themes, such as dinosaurs and pirates to enhance the experience. Last, but not least, we hope to create a bunch more enjoyable levels.

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