All the role playing game or even the first person experience games in general never felt good enough, they always restricted movement and things you could do. At the end of the day we were still playing through our computer screen and not really doing anything. With lockdown in countries across the globe we wanted to make something so everyone could enjoy themselves from the confines of their home. So we decided to bring the gaming experience right in our homes using Augmented Reality

What it does

Its a first person story experience, Our game allows you to play the role of a detective who has to sort through clues to save the world.
Our game gives a whole new definition to RPG as we allow players to experience the game environment right in their homes using Augmented Reality.
When the app starts you are presented with a menu screen , you can choose to press play or to know how it works press help.
Once you press play our introductory cutscene starts and you get to know about the back story and what you have to do.
After the cutscene your game starts and when you point your camera towards the ground you will be prompted to place your environment. After placing your enviroment you can start your adventure. Solve clues to keep progressing.

How I built it

We used Unity Engine to build the base along with Vuforia for implementing Augmented Reality. We used Voxal and Audacity for Audio morphing and editing. Used cinemachine in Unity to create the cutscenes. Animated characters were taken directly from mixamo.

Challenges I ran into

This game required a lot of narration and directive and I had to do the voice overs. Being someone who hasn't done much of this, it was really challenging.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We made a professional level game and we did not compromise any part of the story due to lack of knowledge. We learnt new things and we powered through.

What I learned

I learned voice morphing, audio editing and shader graphs in Unity. Apart from technical skills I learnt product research and collaborative working.

What's next for Armageddon

We plan on using cloud anchors to make our game live multiplayer and to add a lot more levels to the story. This is the first game of its genre and we plan on diversifying it to educational, historical and even more kinds of story telling and experience.

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