ARM Project combines augmented reality and gesture control to create an immersive hands-on experience for both students and teachers. For years scholars have talked the potential education of augmented reality in the classroom. However, technological and practical constraints have limited its utility.

"Studies have shown that immersion in a digital environment can enhance education in at least three ways: by allowing multiple perspectives, situated learning, and transfer." Immersive Interfaces for Engagement and Learning Chris Dede, et al. Science 323, 66 (2009); DOI: 10.1126/science.1167311

We feel that the MYO armband is the first natural input device that is both intuitive and mobile enough to be used effectively in the classroom. It allows teachers to move freely around the classroom and to easily control when digital information is displayed and when it is hidden.

We have developed a tool that allows a teacher to generate virtual objects in the classroom using a laptop and paper AR tags. Once an object has been summoned, a teacher can directly manipulate it in three dimensional space using the Myo armband. Teachers can associate any with a tag, can can easily print out multiple tags to create interactive displays. Furthermore, teachers can easily control when and how objects are displayed with a simple gesture and by moving the paper tags out of view of the camera.

This technology has numerous applications. For this demonstration, we have created a simple diagram of the solar system, an interactive chemistry diagram and an application that allows students creatively combine loop tracks to make their own music.

We are the first group to effectively combine this type of augmented reality application with the Myo armband for a classroom audience. We hope you enjoy what we have created.

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