Inspiration - Archimedes Law of Displacement

What it does - Arkimedes creates a platform to track additions and deductions from the cooler. The internal switches are connected to a door switch. Once the door switch is activated, data from the entire cooler is collected.

How I built it -

The Krono solution started with an arduino which was stripped down to brain "atmega". The limit switches are placed along the track and function as limit switches. They add and subtract the number of beverages that pass through the tray.

The Titan solution began as a strip of copper tape stretched out by a coiled metal mechanism. The logic of the device is managed by the Arduino Uno, but the entire system could be stripped down to the heart of the chip, the ATmega 328p. By using only the chip to power the solution, cost is reduced significantly and circuitry becomes much more simplified.

Challenges I ran into

Our initial ideas discovered that the coil was not as conductive as we first believed. We had to iterate through multiple ideas before settling on our current two solutions. One major issue was lack of good connection, so we had to compensate by taping everything together.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Despite the meters of electrical tape and conductive copper we used, our product still works as well as we intended it to. The logic of both the Titan and Krono solution both work without fail, and we incorporated extra components such as LCD screens to demonstrate further functionality.

What I learned

A majority of the interface and hardware were new, and we had to learn how to talk with each individual component.

What's next for Arkimedes

We would like to develop our solution more professionally. Access to higher-quality production methods allows a more efficient, mass-produceable device.

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