Arithmetical is a math app built for students. The application's games promote memorization and retention of important mathematical concepts that will continue to appear in future studies. Whether you look to become faster at converting 1101 (base 2) to 13 (base 10), factoring 315 into primes, recalling where the 5π/3 lies on the unit circle, or finding the sum of 19 + 23 quickly, Arithmetical can help you reach your goals!

What it does

Fully functional games include:

Single Digit Addition Two Digit Addition Single Digit Multiplication Binary to Decimal Conversion Prime Factorization Unit Circle: Radians

How I built it

I built Arithmetical using Xcode 8 and Swift 3.0.2. For Spotify Integration, I used Spotify's open source iOS SDK. Apple's GameKit was also used to maintain a global leaderboard for all currently available games. It's designed to used as a study tool, but over the next few updates, I will try to make the app more user-friendly and intuitive for a younger audience. I also intend to create new games (possibly focused on matrices, modular arithmetic, or trig identities) and head-to-head challenges.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Over 100 downloads on the App Store.

What's next for Arithmetical

Upcoming games:

Trigonometric identities Complex numbers to polar/exponential form Matrix games Modular arithmetic games Fibonacci numbers Pi memorization

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