Our inspiration is that we can improve the work of the journalist because in one step they can get the reliability information and use it in their work

How it works

The app process the news through AlJazeera API based in patterns. So, it extracts, analyses and visualizes the data. Targets users are journalists.

Challenges I ran into

Create a nosql database to use graph database Create the logical model to can recognize the patterns in any context of an article

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We were an excellent team working We are so engagement with the idea This team is conformed by diversity and dialogue

What I learned

NoSQL The importance of the numbers in journalism Looking the problem with a different points of view

What's next for arithm3dia

We are planning a second phase with: research with different sources analysis of comments analysis of trends over time comparing media trends audience use developing for research purposes

Built With

  • al-jazeera-api-php-nosql-mysql-web-application
  • graph-database-jason-css-html5
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