Have you ever needed to wake up early, so you set your alarm an hour earlier than you normally would, only to have it ring, and you're like "eh, I still have an hour" and fall back asleep?

What it does

Well our app, ARISE, lets you set an alarm in a time range. Instead of the alarm ringing at exactly the time you set, it will ring at a randomized time between the time range you set, so every time the alarm rings, you're guaranteed to check your phone, full of adrenaline, because you don't know at what time you woke up.

How we built it

We created the app with Android Studio, since it's easier to test than XCode, and everyone on the team knew Java.

Challenges we ran into

Since none of us had much experience with Android Studio, trying to learn everything on a short notice required lots of testing.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This may not be a fancy project featuring any fancy buzzwords, but it came from a modern problem, and because it's 2020, modern problems require modern solutions. We learned a lot about Android development, and we will apply these skills to future apps development.

What we learned

Many things about Android studio that we never knew before.

What's next for ARISE

If we have a future for it, update it and maybe program it for iOS. But mainly the future will be to move onto bigger and better apps with our newly achieved knowledge in Android Studio.

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