Cryptocurrency can be hard to understand and can also feel intimidating. Despite cryptocurrency growing in popularity, many people have yet to truly understand it because most of the focus has been on prices.

With Arise Litecoin, the focus is solely on Litecoin and provides users with an easily accessible app. Not only are prices a focus, but learning is also a big part of the app. By gaining knowledge and becoming familiar with Litecoin, adoption can grow and develop.

What it does

The app displays the current Litecoin price along with other stats. Allows users to input data to track their Litecoin and view any profits. New enthusiasts can learn about Litecoin and various topics with the chatbot, view twitter news from the foundation and creator of Litecoin, and easily access resources to stay connected with the growing community.

How I built it

I designed the app using Sketch. Used Swift 4 and Xcode 9.

Challenges I ran into

Building a chatbot without a server/backend was difficult because I had to familiarize myself with Chatto, the framework I used to build it. However, I was able to slowly but surely create a responsive bot that can give users useful information.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud that I was able to complete the app and submit it to the app store.

What I learned

I learned much more about cryptocurrency and Litecoin as I conducted research for the chatbot.

What's next for Arise Litecoin

I'm going to continue to work on the chatbot to make it more conversational and educational for new users.

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