Tide has a loads of hope program in NA for consumers durng times of disaster. Aim here is to develop a system which builds off this concept but it is design to clean and disinfect PPE of corona virus for our front line healthworkers.

What it does

The system is portable and standardised so we can ensure clean and disinfected items in a wash process which maximises the life of garments. It can then be set up outside hospitals or carehomes to ensure the processing of linen

How I built it


1) designing process to ensure cleaning and care of specialised items 2) designing this in a standardised way with washing machines/dryers and portable

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

What's next for Ariel - Loads of Hope - Corona Free PPE for healthworkers

Come work with us at the Inqbet Innovation Campus in Brussels @ P&G Strombeek

1) need partners to develop the portable/standardised solution (machines/transport/operations) 2) need full understanding of PPE desin to tailor wash process to items 3) possible need of an app to measure temperature of machines and wash times to ensure disinfection is met 4) possible need of an app for booking operation/alert staff when ready

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