I'm an English major taking CSCI 141 at William & Mary. I came to Tribehacks this weekend to attend beginner workshops and improve my skills in Python and QPainter, but I ended up turning my idea for a text adventure into an actual game. The resulting program is flawed, but I'm still proud of what I was able to accomplish during the hackathon.

What it does

"Ariel" is a fantasy adventure story about a bard who ventures into the mountains to save an adventurer and slay a dragon. The game consists of three basic minigames: a dice game, a pixel hunt, and a boss battle.

How I built it

I built this game in Atom using Python and PyQt5, simpleaudio, and PIL.

Challenges I ran into

I have very little programming experience, so I'm still unfamiliar with many of Python's features. The game still has two major issues I'd like to fix. The dice game has an almost entirely random outcome, and I am not sure how to code save points, so the game restarts when the player loses a minigame.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud that I was able to finish the game in the time allotted! As a writer, I tend to leave my projects incomplete, so it was really great to finally see a creative project to completion.

What I learned

This weekend I became more comfortable coding with Python, and painting in PyQt5.

What's next for Ariel

After Tribehacks, I'm going to continue to improve upon "Ariel," hopefully adding save points and altering the dice minigame to be more skill-based. If I have time, I also plan to record my own soundtrack for the game and draw sprites for the characters.

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