[DISCLAIMER: Sorry if we baited you with the elevator pitch, but it wouldn't be a great elevator pitch if we said it was incomplete.]

Both of us use Google Calendar to keep our lives laid out and organized. We're both on org boards (organization officers) at our university, so we wanted to create a posting calendar of sorts. Eventually, the project had to be changed to something like, "Stickers for Google Calendar!" due to the size of the original project being too much for us to complete within 24 hours.

Behind the Name: Audrey picked the name. Aria would never name something after herself.

What it does

The original AriaCalendar was to be a Chrome Extension intended to work with Facebook and Google Calendar to schedule Facebook posts from a Facebook Account and the information from an authorized Google Calendar. An event on the Google Calendar would tell the extension to post at the time the event was scheduled on the authorized Google Calendar.

The re-purposed AriaCalendar was to make Google Calendar a little brighter and less visually dry. Aesthetic by nature is subjective, but the idea was derived from stickers on iMessage (the drag and drop feature) and bullet journals.

How we built it

Tools and Resources (linked when necessary in the PPT Presentation): The Google Calendar API, Apple's iMessage Documentation, the Facebook Graph API (not documented or tagged, because we didn't figure out that one by the time we realized the project was too big).

Challenges we ran into

A mixture of overestimating the power of stubbornness and our ability to process huge amounts of information about completely new topics within 24 hours.

Both of us pre-AthenaHacks were completely new to APIs and Python. Aria had taken one CS class (intro to C++) and Audrey had just finished her first upper division course last quarter (on Design Patterns).

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We learned things! More than expected.

What we learned

Audrey: Concrete and semi-quantitative : On a very basic level, what an API is (not details (yet!)). Different versions of Vim, (on a rudimentary level) and when particular versions are more suited for. I also learned a little bit of Python and more about the Terminal (Ubuntu 16.04).

Abstract and not at all quantitative : 1) I learned that more than I originally imagined can be learned in 24 hours can be learned in 24 hours. 2) I knew there were tools and resources out there to get started and jump into anything, but just a little more Googling can get you where you need to be.

Aria: I learned some Python, how to use GitHub (making repositories, cloning repositories, pushing changes, etc.), what an API is (at a basic level), more familiarity with IDEs (NetBeans).

What's next for AriaCalendar

The original idea of realizing the automatic posting calendar is, hopefully, what can be accomplished. After that, maybe the stickers.

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