Future Reality is the next big thing on the internet. Metaverse is a future way of interacting with information. With Web3, Blockchain, and advancements in AI. We are going to transform the way we deal with learning and acquiring information. Though technology has evolved, the World is not mature to grasp it. So We create interfaces that are readily acceptable to the User. We are game changers in the Education in Metaverse.

What it does

ARIA is the Most Advance and Immersive Virtual Reality powered by AI Assistants. We build virtual worlds that are tailor-made with users' preferences. Virtual worlds made with ARIA are the most innovative and effective solution for reaching out to industries viz Health, Education, Prop Tech, Insurance, and many more. ARIA Classrooms are the next generation of education in the world. Advanced AI/ NLP models make ARIA so effective and interactive Virtual Tours Builder in the world. We take personalized learning to next level.

How we built it

Aria Classrooms are tailored AI products built on Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality to help users learn more effectively. We have built Virtual Tours with A-Frame and Advance NLP voice assistants.

Challenges we ran into

Gathering lots of information is a big task. Building from scratch is a big task for a new team like us.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our primary users were so comfortable and we are very proud to have 100 early users for our demo app. Passion drives action. We are the perfect team of developers able to execute the implementation of the product. Each member with diverse background makes us uniquely positioned ahead amidst many practical situations. An enormous of amount of research makes our product fine-tuned for the best market fit.

What we learned

Building a product can only be possible with a strong passionate team. And we learn how to coordinate to build our app.

What's next for ARIA ~ Virtual Classrooms

We are entering into Metaverse and Microsoft Mesh.

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