We have spent HackMIT working on the skeleton for Aria, an asynchronous gaming app for iPhone in which players challenge each other to sing-offs while promoting the music they love. Upon completion, it will allow players to send a short, unviewable-until-opened sample of music for the other to sing along to, karaoke-style. Players then receive the recordings from their opponent, which they score as either being great, good, not-so-good, or funny, awarding points as appropriate. Players can earn points for the number of challenges they accept and/or complete, as well as buy credits to allow extra chances to get a solo just right.

(Aria is the first iOS project we have taken on. While there is a long way to go before Aria is App-Store-ready, it has provided many opportunities for learning discussion with other HackMIT participants. We are excited to see what will become of Aria, as well as participate in HackMIT as long as we are eligible.)

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