Adaptive & Real-time Intelligent Assistance


ARIA is a Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine that uses key Machine Learning concepts to adapt, learn as well as deliver real-time assistance to the user. ARIA will be integrated into a simulation in the form of a chat bot. This will enable KNOLSKAPE simulations to adopt the SaaS delivery model by enabling game-play in an unfacilitated environment.

Broad classifications of ARIA’s functions:

  1. Any-time walkthrough
  2. Data-driven query resolution
  3. Domain Insights

Any-time walkthrough

ARIA has the ability to give walkthroughs/assistance related to UI/UX of a simulation at any point of the game play.

Data-driven query resolution

ARIA can deliver data-driven insights to the user based on current status of the user, data of previous users and its own knowledge base.

Domain Insights

ARIA has the capability to incorporate knowledge base of any domain and answer any FAQ-like questions

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