After speaking to multiple millennials, one trend we noticed was that most of them didn’t understand how to best manage their finances. They all knew that they should set aside a portion of their income for savings and investment, but they don’t know much beyond that. We wanted to build an app that responsibly and automatically managed their finances, so that our users could feel safe about their money.

ARI Finance is a smart financial planning app that optimally allocates your paycheck across 4 accounts: checking, emergency savings, rainy day savings, and investment account. A user first has to connect their bank accounts to ARI and input their short term savings goal. We then integrate with their social media profiles, and using a Cambridge API generate a personality trait assessment. Given this information, we can determine their risk profile and how best to allocate their funds. With ARI, a user can feel comfortable that their money is always being put in the right place and adapts to their changing financial status.

Built With

  • apply-magic-sause-api
  • level-money-api
  • plaid-api
  • sketch
  • swift
  • xignite
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