For this 2020 Covid-19 Contest, as a group of high schoolers, we selected a project relevant to us - finding the risk of infection(using a risk index) and the number of masks needed for specific schools to keep everyone as safe as possible when schools reopen. This is important because we don’t want the pandemic getting worse again when schools start again. Schools are one of the most high density areas so it is crucial to prepare precautions for when school reopens. When making our project, we took in data from different schools like the age range, total people, square footage, and other factors to determine how risky it is for different schools to reopen, and the number of masks needed to reduce mitigation as much as possible.

ARI-CM utilizes user defined data points for school selection and mask distribution as well as algebraic formulas to calculate a risk index and mask numbers for schools. The program itself is written in Python code and consists of two functions - Calculate Risk Index and Calculate Mask - and one list-School List. Calculate Risk Index serves the purpose of correlating data points received from its parameters. From the HTML front end, Calculate Risk Index intakes school data, such as location, population, race distribution, and campus size, and a numerical value representing the percentage of students wearing masks. The latter is an interactive element that allows the user of ARI-CM to visually see the impact that mask usage has on the risk of COVID-19. Once these values have been obtained, the function runs through a series of if statements that check if the school satisfies certain predefined specifications.

Using an algorithm, users can select a school percentage of people wearing a mask to determine the likelihood of someone getting infected. The algorithm returns with a risk rating from 0.33 to 9.33. This warns the user of the potential risk at the school and lets them know if they should take additional precautions.

Using our website’s dashboard, school administration can use a straightforward and user-friendly process to get a clear estimate of a risk rating and the recommended amount of masks for the school. They would fill out their school, which would get location, amount of students and other factors, and percentage of people wearing a mask in two simple boxes. This can help with making sure that the school is safe and reduces the risk of infection.

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