Planet's magic Full Text search engine ArgusSearch is based on a brand new Artificial Intelligence technology (pending patent) and Planet's outstanding award winning handwriting recognition technology. It allows us to find matches for any arbitrary search request within billions of ancient documents within seconds! The outstanding features in a short overview:

  • no prior referencing of the documents is necessary, therefore all scanned documents are accessible
  • super fast full text search engine
  • allows almost any arbitrary requests (Regular Expressions are supported)
  • provides a list of matches sorted by confidence

In fact the first point is probably one of the most exciting ones. For content providers, to make use of this search engine the scanning of the historic documents is needed, all the rest is done by our ArgusSearch-Bots in fully automatic mode. Reading these documents they create a universal reference for all handwritten or machine printed texts and therefore create a complex and dynamic memory waiting for your search requests.

The real magic happens when you start asking our system to search for results. For your questions you can use simple strings as well as complex search expressions (Regular Expressions), but different from any standard string matching algorithm, our system will find matching text areas with instinctive certainty and sometimes even with a little bit of fantasy. All matches will be provided as a list sorted by confidences (matching probabilities as score values).

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