Following the news of a Tesla Model 3 colliding with a crashed tow truck in Moscow, Telsa claimed that there was a problem with the software in regards to detecting accidents.

What it does

A web-app that uses object detection to monitor for accidents in CCTV cameras and report them immediately to a user's phone and browser client.

How I built it

  • Uses TensorFlow's object detection model for accident "detection".
  • Google Maps API with custom interface. :0
  • Server set up in Node.js. npm install nodemon server/server.js To run (see dependencies in package.json... there are some python dependencies but I forgot): python
  • Express.js because it makes things easier.
  • used to update the client with accident details.
  • Twillio API to send SMS to the user at the moment of an accident.
  • Google Geocoding API used to convert the unique markers' longitude and latitude to human-readable addresses.

Challenges I ran into

Google does not like to be spammed with 100s of API calls in less than a second.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Making a work-around for the above.

What I learned

To move from static webpages to client-server web-applications. This includes: Node.js, Express.js, and

What's next for Argus

To use real live footage from CCTV cameras around the globe.

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