People talk about decentralisation, but they mostly mean smart contracts but not infra or data. When researched, we found that the most significant pain of using infra-based protocols requires expertise. That was the point when we decided to pursue and build argo.

What it does

It helps developers to focus on developing their dApps, while ArGo provides developer-friendly utility to publish their data or web apps to the decentralised ecosystem with ease. It also helps developers not worry about holding multiple tokens in their wallet to use any supported protocols. It will be just $ARGO token.

How we built it

ArGo has two major components, the foundation layer and the application layer. The Foundation layer manages multiple worker nodes. Any of the community members can run these nodes by staking a certain amount of ArGo Tokens. Their job is to hold various protocol tokens and help end-users not worry about other tokens.

Challenges we ran into

Managing and pegging the deployment and data hosting costs. Run time building of the application over the network

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Successfully launched the beta and onboarded more than 1200 users. We tested our framework by integrating Arweave as a use case. Now we are expanding to multiple protocols

What we learned

During our journey of building our beta product, we continuously involved our community, and they helped us in refining some of the offered features. We also, learned and built strategy of user testing, collaborations and marketing

What's next for ArGoApp

There is a lot to achieve. Our aim is to become AWS of the decentralised web, but we have started our journey to first become netlify of web3.0 and gradually moving towards the higher goal

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