We are inspired by the idea that this crisis may become the greatest opportunity and precious gift to humanity and our global, national and local communities. It is an opportunity to rethink our dreams, goals, values, attitudes and habits.

If the world can be stopped in a few months, it means it can also be redirected or upgraded to a new level of thinking, operating and developing. If we are able to stop our economies and create trillions of dollars of costs in order to save hundreds of thousands of human lives, we are are able to stop our business as usual and recreate our world to be the best possible place for all our fellow human beings and save much more lives with much less cost.

We have stopped. We have just to stay for a moment longer and think. And then do. And then create new normality that will be the best normality we can imagine. It is really not a big deal. We have all the intelligence of the world. Including artificial, collective and crowd intelligence. We have artful intelligence, as well. And we have wisdom. Since we are homo sapiens. We can rise to the omen of our nomen. We are or at least have capacities to be wise, discerning, sensible human beings.

We are able to make this beautiful planet more sustainable, balanced and fulfilling by the values and virtues of interdependence, cooperation, solidarity, fairness, wellbeing, integrity and wisdom.

We would like to develop solutions and changes, community by community, to become oases of human, social, economic and environmental regeneration. So, we design an Agile ReGeneration Odyssey. A process of creation of local Agile ReGeneration Oases, place by place, community by community.

We have reached a dozen of local and regional communities in Croatia who are willing to restart in a more sustainable and humane way. And there is an interest of some communities abroad. So our journey, however challenging it may be, may become really regional, transregional and, why not, even global.

And like ancient Argonauts, our ARGO is a digital gamified collaboration platform. And our Argonauts? I believe you will agree: there is no other Argonauts here than all of us, who feel inspired and intrigued to give us, our families, children and communities, and this beautiful world a try. We believe it is worthwhile.

What it does

We are collecting the wisdom and knowledge of humanity from our ancient history until today. We are creating new wisdom and knowledge for tomorrow. We are creating a place and time for interaction, exchange and mutual support. We are creating a set of methodologies, business models, toolboxes and digital gamified systems for cooperative glocal community projects addressing the most urgent challenges.

We focus on the main seven challenges of:

  • Finances and development (including alternative finance systems and regenerative development models)
  • Community governance
  • Crucial productions (such as food, water, health, sanitary and medical products, etc)
  • Travel, hospitality and transport
  • Social sectors (culture, sports, social and environmental services, civic society)
  • Health and sanitary safety improvement
  • Citizens including, especially vulnerable groups.

We initiate a 7-step process including: (1) Organization of leadership, facilitation and membership structures and thematic working groups (2) Envisioning the big picture, goals and ideas (3) Mapping the human, financial and other operational resources (4) Development of business models, innovations, solutions, projects and even new enterprises and clusters (5) Deployment, including management, monitoring and measurement (6) Modelling including evaluation, optimization and capitalization (7) Scaling through horizontal, vertical and trans-sectorial and trans-regional multiplication

The final goal is an agile, integrated and sustainable regeneration of our eco-social economic systems.

The process involves real and virtual actions intertwined and synergized. All creative people globally may become part of a local solution. And each local solution may become global. Hence, it is glocal thinking and doing at its best.

In the background of this process is a game. A social one. For the best possible social connection as an antidote for a bit painful but calming and hopefully healing physical distancing.

We are creating an exciting digital collaboration platform with gamified contribution reward system involving digital currency for value and contribution exchange at the local, regional, transregional and global level.

A Humanity 4.0 game.

Humanity 4.0?

More on this, here:

How We built it

The solution is technology-wise in the early stage of development. We developed some elements of the solution using the basic technologies in a part of the functions and few of mobile elements are available already on Google Play and App Store to be tested. We have used a combination of technologies, including WordPress and white label elements, as well as native applications for iOS and Android.

We are working on some of these for several years (as part of our agenda for regenerative eco-social economy development) but it goes slowly since we bootstrap and lack resources for faster development.

Methodologies for participative community-led local governance has been already implemented in our local communities and we are now planning to experiment with advanced dynamic governance models, agile integrated planning and maybe something like holocracy ([link]

We see this crisis as a sort of gift. Namely, today everyone is much more ready to think about a more robust, resilient and sustainable travel industry for example than maybe only a few months ago. And this is valid for everything.

Our main principles are open systems, holism, integrity, solidarity, fair-shares, regenerative, sharing and circular economy, eco-social economy, cradle2cradle design, permaculture, good governance, trans-disciplinary approaches, and digital collaborative platform design.

We have are about to test our MVPs in some of our pilot communities. However, we still require a lot of brain-power, co-creativity, hard work and resources to be functional.

We have an open opportunity to test it in some of the most attractive but with this crisis heavily stricken Croatian cities, counties and rural and island municipalities. Most of them are tourism monocultures and this crisis seems like a death sentence for some of these. We are also working with a dozen of nature and national parks including some of the most beautiful cultural and/or nature-protected areas in this part of the world (Dubrovnik, Split, Kornati Archipelago, island and rural communities with all the main nature protected areas in Dalmatia and Lika and recently Istra seems to be onboarding).

But we are open to other places as well. And other brave people and organizations to join this epic voyage. Feeling intrigued?

Challenges We ran into

We have issues in finding human resources such as front-end and back-end developers, experts in digital financing but also local exchange trade systems, municipal bonds, equity, loan, perk and donation crowdfunding and DLT.

We also need people who have experience in participative crisis management, agile good governance, universal basic income concepts and practice.

And the last but not the least, we lack a risk capital for this highly risky expedition not to Mars or Moon, but to a better Earth. We need people who can understand that this Odyssey may be much rewarding than any space travel. Because it may change the lives of most of us.

Feeling inspired to join us? Or to support us? It would be great to have you on board.

Accomplishments that We're proud of

We are still alive and kicking. We are proud to be part of this challenge. And we are proud that people are slowly but surely recognizing our yearlong efforts to promote wiser, more holistic, more sustainable and, why not, environmentally, socially and economically not less bad, and not neutral, but proactive, positive impact-oriented effort.

We got together a group of local community leaders who accepted the challenge. And who are ready to involve their communities to be the first adopters - pilots enabling traction of the model, methodology and the technology.

And again, maybe the most important, we are both proud and humble that we are here today with all the thousands of dedicated change-makers looking for the best way to make their part of the contribution to the dream of better, healthier, safer and more just world and humanity.

What We learned

I have learned that all the most important challenges are life-long journeys. Like gardening, love, friendship, community building, or solving some of the most complex social and economic challenges, the beauty is in the walking and not in the arriving. But each small achievement is an opportunity for celebration.

Hence, we celebrate we are here today. With you. And other wavemakers.

We also learnt that although the communities may be very different, as their people and their landscapes, we seem to all dream similar dreams, share similar worries and anxieties and face similar challenges. But this creates a huge opportunity for cooperation, mutual learning and exchange. And for creating values for ourselves, each other and our local and global communities.

We learnt it is so easy to make people become interested in the idea but it is not so easy to access adequately dynamic funding without too many administrative burdens to enable sufficient highly specific, relevant expertise and other resources to provide the whole response in a timely way.

What's next for ARGO, us and - you?

We are looking forward to implementing the first crowdsourcing and crowdfunding campaigns, complete all the basic functions of the digital collaborative platform and to start to test the model in the pilot cities, municipalities and counties.

We are also developing a fair-share model and are planning to spin-off a startup while in parallel continuing the local and regional impact project development and implementation through more conventional funding models and instruments (including business angels, VCs, PPPs, etc.). We are preparing a pitch deck and video to reach some other sources of risk financing hopefully for someone who will recognize the value of travelling to New Earth, here and now.

And finally, maybe having you onboard? ;-)

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posted an update

At the moment we are discussing two aspects of the project: 1. how to establish the agile governance model in the times of crisis with the help of Joao who has extensive experience at the local community governance level, and 2. how to establish agile financial models and tools to help raise and distribute funds at the local level using a combination of the digital and real financial instruments, such as coins and tokens, crowdfunding through equities, pledges, gifts and loans, digital and real municipal bonds, to create the best mix of financial resources for the local projects in the 7 (or 8 if we take into account ICT) crucial sectors. Please, join the discussion here or in the slack channel Looking forward to your contributions! Thanks!

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