Usually it's hard for employees to communicate with their companies. (Many workers means hard for the company to keep track of the satisfaction of everyone, some people are shy or afraid to give feedback)

What it does

ArGla provides employees with a means to communicate with their company.

For example, if the manager of a company wanted to keep track of how the employees were feeling throughout the day, then the manager can share their special code with the workers, and when the employee updates how they’re feeling throughout the day, this data gets sent to the manager. This allows for managers to keep track of the satisfaction of many employees with ease. The data is then translated into a simple to read graph for the manager so that they can get an easy interpretation as to how the employees are feeling, and by having graphs, managers can see trends as to how employees are throughout not only the day, but weeks and months. Using the feedback provided by the employees, the manager can then better the working conditions for the employees.

How we built it

ArGla is built using Android Studio and Firebase.

What's next for ArGla

What's amazing about this is that, compared to systems such as Glassdoor or Yelp, where reviews are given at usually the end of a person's experience, ArGla provides meaningful data and feedback to users in real time, allowing for users to have a chance to create change for those around them to help improve their experiences before it's too late.

Allows users to get real time feedback from people around them as to how they're feeling.

Users can share a special code with others that allows them to anonymously share their feelings back to the user using either a happy, neutral, or upset option along with an optional short (less than 15 word) suggestion as to why during different periods of time.

(quick and easy, one touch of a button/feeling and a short response)

Although ArGla initially was meant for working environments, it can also work for restaurants, teaching environments such as professor feedback during lectures, and much more.

An important future feature to consider including is going to be a “Yik Yak” feed where workers can share/express their concerns in the workplace while being able to get support from others.

Future features to be added/considered include:

  • Users can send out mass surveys
  • Create groups so that people can respond for how they feel for different groups

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