This pandemic has been a stressful time for everyone and everyone is looking to cheer them up in different ways like reading books, having call with friends and playing games. In most of the games you have to tap on screen for controls and you get disappointed after loosing the game. So I thought instead of tapping on the screen for controls, why not to have a user's face as a controller!, and AR is the best tech to use for that. Now forget tapping on screen for controls, just blink your eyes jo jump! Interesting isn't it? In this pandemic, health is the primary issue for everyone! And we are spending a lot of time sitting in front of our laptop screens because of online classes, work from home and so on. When you are spending a lot of time in front of mobile or laptop screen, our eyes gets dry and starts creating itching and redness which is very harmful for eyes, but when you blink your eyes regularly, it cleans the surface of your eye of any debris and washes it out with fresh tears. The coating of tears helps sharpen your vision, clearing and brightening the image your retina receives. Because of this I have added Binking eye gesture to it! To make the rider jump, you need to blink your eyes and if you blink you eyes at the right time, to pass the hurdle, you will earn a point! Even if not you will be at least blinking your eyes and that will also help you in relaxing your eyes ;)

What it does

It is a very simple gameplay, where you need to first smile twice to start the game. Smiling will help you reduce your stress level and start the game. Then you will see your face and a scene with a rider and score card above your head. The score card will follow your head motions as well. You have to blink at correct time to pass the hurdle. You can smile to pause and play the game. It is a game to just chillax you keeping your health in mind.

How we built it

I built it using SparkAR Studio by Facebook. I took assets from different websites and created animations using the images. There are different pictures of a rider and are looped in a specific way to act accordingly. Also regarding the hurdles, they are also an animated sequence with transitions added to them and a random function which will randomly select the hurdle. I have used patch editor for the animation and all the stuff happening in this game. Also I have added a javaScript to increment the score.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge for me was to find different patches in the patch editor to apply the logic. There were times when the logic was not right or there were some minor issues like passing Boolean value where a number was required and several other like that. Another biggest challenge was to increase the score. It was the most difficult part for me as I had not worked much with javaScript earlier and after watching several videos, reading documents and all I was finally able to add that in my game too!!!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The accomplishment I am proud of is to use SparkAR for the first time and create a working game all by myself and also learnt to work a little bit with javaScript as well. Also the biggest achievement for me was to be able to add a score counter in the game. After a lot of research I was finally able to add that and that is best thing I like in the game.

What we learned

I learnt to use SparkAR, work a little bit with javaScript, add several features to my game like blinking and smiling gestures and before working with SparkAR I used to think it will be easier to make something like filters using it, but I was wrong! I realised even the simplest thing requires a lot of effort to create.

What's next for ARGame

I will be adding more gestures in the project like if you encounter an ice-cream, you need to blink, if you encounter a trash can, you have to nod, if you encounter something else, then you need to do different action which will add more fun to it. Also it will help you exercise your facial expressions and head movements as well.

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