It's really hard to buy furniture because it is almost impossible to properly estimate the size of it in relation to other furniture in the room. Additionally, it is difficult to visualize how it will fit with the decor already in the house.

What it does

Our solution uses augmented reality to facilitate the visualization of a piece furniture in the room you are currently living in.

How We built it

We used React Native and Viro Media, we made a multi-platform mobile application (iOS and Android) ensuring that we reach the widest population of people that we can.

Challenges We ran into

Augmented Reality API was complicated to work with, especially when it was a learning experience for all team members on how to use React Native and integrate with Viro Media.

Accomplishments that We're proud of

It worked! We are extremely proud of the control the user has with the furniture -- rotating, and flipping through different styles of the same furniture. We are also proud of integrating a regular react-native app with Viro Media, successfully creating an augmented reality app with its on personal menu.

What We learned

We learned React-Native much more in depth, and learned how to develop a product from start to finish (from idea creation to completion).

What's next for InFurno

Greater control for the user would be ideal, so that they can put more than one furniture on the augmented reality screen at the same time, and maneuver them with the same dexterity. Additionally, we would focus more on the User Interface, to provide ease of access for the potential home users.

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