Inspiration todo

All four of us have many friends that are constantly wanting more out of studying. This was a big factor in our decision to develop a flashcard app with a twist: Augmented Reality.

What it does

Our app utilizes Augmented Reality to display various 3D images such as molecules, cells, and the brain so that the user can add a visual element to their flashcards.

How we built it

EducatAR is a multi-platform project. The AR app is built in Swift for iOS, the website is built with HTML, CSS, & Javascript, and they are synched together with Google's Firebase. To work with AR we used Apple's ARKit 2.

Challenges we ran into


  • This was our first time working with AR. So learning how to work with ARKit was our first struggle.


  • Google's Firebase was an awesome tool that really enhanced our project once we got it working. However, learning how to read and write to Firebase from iOS and our Website was the second difficulty.
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