In a time where everything is virtual, we thought of making the process of selling abroad also.

What it does

The agrifood matchmaking platform connects the Italian producers with the importers everywhere. Is a business to a business system that allows electronic commercial transactions between companies through the online management of all the process. It will always be possible to make the commercial exchange between countries based on the sale quickly and safely.

How I built it

We started from a feasibility study, identified the product sectors and the target countries. We have created an innovative business model and supported it by developing a 10 steps method. We identified technology and built it.

Challenges I ran into

We had to overcome many difficulties especially related to an obsolete and habitual mentality. We never gave up knowing they were the first to digitize this sector. Now with what happened in the world, we can say that we were right. It will not be possible to go to fairs and participate in incoming events top sell abroad. The digitization of the post-Covid international sales process can only be managed with the online mode.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We already have in our platform a nice group of Italian companies and close partnership of great importance. We won the most Italian awards in 2020 for innovation.

What I learned

Never give up and dream big!!!

What's next for Are you ready for the business revolution?

Conquer the world.

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