We noticed that finding the right room and location to places can be extremely frustrating. If you really think about it, this problem can be critical in a time of extreme need. Ranging from finding your nearest bathroom ASAP to the right classroom, ARdventure is here to help you.

What it does

ARdventure provides an AR view of a location for you to find and explore where you want to go.

How we built it

We used SwiftUI, RealityKit, and Roomplan to build the overall experience. It is a native iOS AR App.

Challenges we ran into

Swift was very hard to learn. Every corner, there was something different and odd about the programming language.

This is our second time working with AR on iOS. We challenged ourselves to working with more procedural capabilities of RealityKit.

AR is also a completely different ballpark in terms of programming. Many new concepts.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have a prototype!

What we learned

Multiple different Swift patterns and Augmented Reality concepts.

What's next for ARdventure

We would like to scale this to multiple floors and have it be more flexible in more environments.

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