To build something that stood out from the rest

What it does

An arm will slide along a metal rod with a solenoid on the end, tapping the selected keys one at a time.

what we used

we used an acme screw and nut to move a robotic arm driven by a drill motor, that has two solenoids mounted to it to pluck keys on a xylophone.

Challenges we ran into

We originally struggled sending data from our program to Arduino via Serial Port.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Coming to our first hackathon and building something cool!

What we learned

Embedded C, How to play the xylophone

What's next for Arduinophone

Possibility of hardware upgrades

Built With

  • a-bunch-of-wire
  • a-drill-motor
  • acme-screw
  • arduino
  • bearings
  • java
  • power-supply
  • relays
  • some-limit-switches
  • some-wood
  • xylophone
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